Industrial Automation Solutions

As a comprehensive Industrial and Factory Automation Solution Provider in Malaysia, we specialise in designing, fabricating, assembling, upgrading, and supporting customised equipment and systems tailored to our customers’ specific needs. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of control-related equipment, including robotic handling systems, jigs & fixtures, vision inspection systems, various types of sensors, barcode & QR scanners, robotic arms, servo motors, and pneumatic components.

Our Factory Automation Solutions include, but are not limited to:

• Automated Robotic Handling Systems
• Automated Inspection Systems
• Laser Marking and Cutting
• 1D/2D Barcoding Systems
• Robotics Pick & Place and Palletizing
• Smart Factory & IoT Data Monitoring
• SCADA/PLC/HMI Programming
• Conveyor System
• Jig & Fixtures
• Parts Fabrication and Machining

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